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MURDER: SPECIAL CIRCUMSTANCES. LEGISLATIVE INITIATIVE AMENDMENT. • Amends provisions of Penal Code section 190 defining the special circumstances where first degree murder is punishable by either death or life imprisonment without the possibility of parole. Provides that a special circumstance exists for killings committed ‘‘by means of lying in wait’’ rather than ‘‘while lying in wait.’’ Provides that a special circumstance exists where murder is committed while the defendant was involved in acts of kidnapping or arson, even if it is proved that the defendant had a specific intent to kill, and the kidnapping or arson was committed to facilitate murder. Summary of Legislative Analyst’s Estimate of Net State and Local Government Fiscal Impact: • Unknown, probably minor, additional state costs.

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Legislative Vote Results

Final Votes Cast by the Legislature on SB 1878 (Proposition 18) Assembly - Ayes, 66; Noes, 2 -- Senate - Ayes, 28; Noes, 6

Popular Vote Results

Y: 5112109; A: 72.6; N: 1935113; B: 27.4

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Legislative Initiative Amendment

For Author

HON. GEORGE DEUKMEJIAN, Former Governor of California; HON. MICHAEL D. BRADBURY, District Attorney of Ventura County; MRS. QUENTIN L. (MARA) KOPP, Retired Social Worker

Against Author

Most Reverend Sylvester D. Ryan, President, California Catholic Conference; Mike Farrell, President, M J & E Productions, Inc.; Senator Patrick Johnston, Chair, Senate Appropriations Committee

Rebuttal Author

Azim Khamisa, Founder, Tariq Khamisa Foundation; Wilson Riles, Jr., Executive Director, American Friends Service Committee of Northern California

Rebuttal Against Author

Honorable George Deukmejian, Former Governor of the State of California; Honorable Michael D. Bradbury, District Attorney of Ventura County; Mrs. Harriet Salarno, Chair, Crime Victims United of California