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ATTORNEY FEES LIMIT FOR TORT CLAIMS. INITIATIVE STATUTE. Measure places limit on amount of a contingency fee an attorney may collect for representing a plaintiff in connection with a tort claim. The fee may be no more than 25 percent of first $50,000 recovered, no more than 15 percent of next $50,000 recovered, and no more than 10 percent of amount recovered above $100,000. The court may review the fee and reduce it below the stated limits if it is not reasonable and fair. Defines amount recovered to calculate fee limitations. Summary of Legislative Analyst's estimate of net state and local government fiscal impact: Fiscal impact on state and local governments is unknown and would depend on how attorneys and their clients respond to these contingency limits. The response could affect the number of cases filed and settled, and the size of awards.

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Y: 4288346; A: 46.9; N: 4855839; B: 53.1

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General Election

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Initiative statutory

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Tom McClintock, Member of the Assembly, 36th District Vice Chairman, Assembly Judiciary Committee; Alan F. Shugart, Chairman of the Board and CEO, Seagate Technology; John Fleming, University of California Law Professor

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Judith Rowland, Executive Director, California Center on Victimology; Tom Bradley, Mayor of Los Angeles

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Ralph Nader, Consumer Advocate; Heather Bechtel Maurer, Executive Director, Asbestos Victims of America; Gene Patterson, Executive Director, National Victim Center

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Jerry Eaves, Member of the Assembly, 66th District; James Nielsen, State Senator, 4th District; Regis McKenna, Chairman of the Board and CEO, Regis McKenna, Inc.