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Initiative CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT. Amends Section 1c of Article XIII of the State Constitution by providing that the property authorized by said section to be exempted from taxation shall not include any property used or owned, directly or indirectly, in whole or in part, for any religious or other school or school purposes of less than collegiate grade, unless such property shall be used, owned and held exclusively for the blind, mentally retarded or physically handicapped. Does not affect exemptions granted by other sections of the Constitution.

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Y: 1686122; A: 32.8; N: 3446829; B: 67.2

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General Election

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For Author

Tully C. Knoles, Educator Stockton; Dorothy H. Rogers, San Francisco; John A. Owen, President, Californians For Public Schools Los Angeles

Against Author

Bert W. Levit, Immediate Past President, San Francisco Board of Education; Immediate Past President, California School Boards Association; Justus F. Craemer, State Chairman, Citizens United Against Taxing Schools President, California Press Association, Past President, California Newspaper Publishers Association; The Rev. Kenneth W. Cary, Chairman, "Protestants United Against Taxing Schools", Representing the Episcopal Dioceses in California