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Initiative. Declares State policy that all persons have the right of equal opportunity to secure employment. To effect such policy makes it unlawful to refuse to hire, to discharge, or to discriminate in conditions of employment against any person because of race, religion, color, national origin or ancestry. Establishes a commission to prevent such unlawful practices by conciliation or order and by education. Provides for judicial review of commission's orders. Appropriates sum for commission.

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Y: 675697; A: 28.7; N: 1682646; B: 71.3

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General Election

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Augustus F. Hawkins, Assemblyman, 62d Dist.; Leon H. Washington, Jr., Editor and Publisher, Los Angeles Sentinel, Los Angeles, California; Herman Hill, Pacific Coast Editor, Pittsburg Courier, Los Angeles, California; Loren Miller, Lawyer, Los Angeles, California; Mrs. Betty Hill, President, Women's Political Study Club, Los Angeles, California; Rev. Hughbert H. Landram, San Francisco, California; Mrs. Sumner Spaulding, Los Angeles, California; George D. Collins, Jr., Assemblyman, 22d Dist.; Mrs. Marjorie Pittman, San Jose, California; Daniel G. Marshall, Los Angeles, California

Against Author

George M. Breslin, Attorney-at-Law, Los Angeles, California; W. J. Cecil, General Manager, California Grape and Tree Fruit Association. Fresno, California; Dr. James W. Fifield, Jr., Minister, First Congregational Church, Los Angeles, California; Francis V. Keesling, San Francisco, California; Hal G. Hotchkiss, Realtor, San Diego, California; Ray B. Wiser, President, California Farm Bureau Federation, Berkeley, California; Mrs. Alice Tanner Gairdner, Los Angeles, California; Alfred J. Lundberg, Oakland, California; A. J. McFadden, Agriculturist, Santa Ana, California; Mrs. Eugene M. Prince, San Francisco, California