Proposition Summary

Amends same sections of Constitution and simplifies allocation of school funds in same manner as Proposition No. 13. Establishes minimum salary of twenty-four hundred dollars per year for teachers. Increases State support for public schools to one hundred and twenty dollars per year for each pupil in average daily attendance, ninety dollars of which shall be given to local school districts. Authorizes local authorities to determine amount of money to be raised by school district taxes. Prohibits transfer of any school or college to any authority not under the Public School System.

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Popular Vote Results

Y: 1772370; A: 74.4; N: 610967; B: 25.6

Election Type

General Election

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Code Sections Affected

Amended Cal. Const. art IX, section 6. Amended Cal. Const. art. XIII, section 15.

For Author

Roy W. Cloud, State Secretary, California Teachers Association; Mrs. Rollin Brown, State President, California Congress of Parents and Teachers; Roy E. Simpson, State Superintendent of Public Instruction; Thomas J. Riordan, Past State Commander, American Legion

Against Author

John Harold Swan, Junior College teacher and attorney at law. Member California State Senate, 1941-1945