Proposition Summary

Initiative measure presented to, and not acted on by, Legislature. Adds new section to Fish and Game Code. Prohibits operation in State waters of fishing boats which deliver fish, mollusks or crustaceans, wherever caught, to points beyond State waters, unless such delivery is permitted by State Fish and Game Commission. Authorizes Commission to issue revocable permits for such delivery; declaring it shall issue no permits which will tend to deplete the species or result in waste thereof or obstruct the operation of any law. Provides for penalties, seizures and forfeitures for violation.

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Popular Vote Results

Y: 1309007; A: 62.2; N: 795023; B: 37.8

Election Type

General Election

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Code Sections Affected

Added Cal. Fish & Game Code section 1110.

For Author

Sanborn Young, Senator, Eighteenth District; C. R. Danielson, Past President, Associated Sportsmen of California; Dr. Henry C. Veatch, Treasurer, Fish and Game Development Association

Against Author

W. B. Roby, Gen. Mgr., San Joaquin Valley Poultry Producers Assn., Porterville, California; James R. Lochhead, Secretary, Fishermen's Produce Co., Monterey, California; Lyman Henry, Attorney at Law, San Francisco, California