Proposition Summary

Adds section 16 to Article IX of Constitution. Creates State Tenure Board of three members, each elected from a district, boundaries of which are defined, prescribing qualifications, terms, salary, powers and duties of members, Specifies instructors affected by amendment. Provides two-year probationary period therefor excepting those having permanent tenure. Specifies causes of dismissal of instructors. Vests State Tenure Board and local school boards with jurisdiction to hear and decide charges against instructor, prescribing procedure therefor, permitting instructors to appear and defend, and empowering State Tenure Board to sustain or overrule such decisions of local school board.

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Popular Vote Results

Y: 438490; A: 25.8; N: 1259603; B: 74.2

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General Election

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For Author

George W. McDill, Member of Los Angeles Board of Education; Holland D. Roberts, President California Federation of Teachers; Edward D. Vandeleur, Secretary State Federation of Labor

Against Author

John F. Brady, Vice President, California Teachers Association; E. B. Couch, Chairman State Tenure Committee, California Teachers Association; Ray C. Eberhard, Attorney for Affiliated Teacher Organizations of Los Angeles