Proposition Summary

Assembly Constitutional Amendment 17. Amends Section 18, repeals Section 22, of Article VI of Constitution. Declares Justices of Supreme Court and District Courts of Appeal, and Judges of Superior Courts and Municipal Courts, ineligible to other office or public employment than judicial during their terms; prohibits justice or judge of court of record from practicing law in or out of court while in office; declares judge of Superior Court or Municipal Court eligible to election or appointment to public office during term for which elected, but acceptance of other office constitutes resignation from office then held.

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Popular Vote Results

Y: 648213; A: 70.6; N: 270077; B: 29.4

Election Type

General Election

Proposition Type

Assembly Constitutional Amendment

Code Sections Affected

Amended Cal. Const. art. VI, section 18. Repealed Cal. Const. art. VI, section 22.

For Author

F. C. Clowdsley, Assemblyman, Twentieth District; Walter J. Little, Assemblyman, Sixty-second District