Proposition Summary

Allows local governments to establish rent control on residential properties over 15 years old. Local limits on rate increases may differ from statewide limit. Fiscal Impact: Overall, a potential reduction in state and local revenues in the high tens of millions of dollars per year over time. Depending on actions by local communities, revenue losses could be less or more.

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General Election

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For Author

DOLORES HUERTA, President The Dolores Huerta Foundation KEVIN DE LEÓN, President pro Tempore Emeritus California State Senate CYNTHIA DAVIS, Chair of the Board of Directors AIDS Healthcare Foundation

Against Author

EDWARD J. GRIMSLEY, State Commander American Legion, Dept. of California LORRAINE J. PLASS, 3rd Vice Commander AMVETS, Dept. of California PATRICK SABELHAUS, Executive Director California Council for Affordable Housing

Rebuttal Author

ALICE HUFFMAN, President California State Conference of the NAACP MARILYN MARKHAM, Board Member California Senior Advocates League ROBERT GUTIERREZ, President California Taxpayers Association

Rebuttal Against Author

DAVID CAMPOS, Chair San Francisco Democratic Party ERNIE POWELL Social Security Works JAMIE COURT, President Consumer Watchdog