Proposition Summary

Housing and Emergency Shelter Trust Fund Act of 2002. •Creates trust fund to: provide shelters for battered women; clean and safe housing for low-income senior citizens; emergency shelters for homeless families with children; housing with social services for homeless and mentally ill; repairs/accessibility improvements to apartments for families and handicapped citizens; military veteran homeownership assistance; and security improvements/repairs to existing emergency shelters. • Funded by bond issue of two billion one hundred million dollars ($2,100,000,000). •Makes cities and counties eligible to receive specified funds. • Subjects expenditures to independent audit. •Appropriates money from state General Fund to repay bonds. Summary of Legislative Analyst’s Estimate of Net State and Local Government Fiscal Impact: • State cost of about $4.7 billion over 30 years to pay off both the principal ($2.1 billion) and interest ($2.6 billion) costs on the bonds. Payments of about $157 million per year.

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Legislative Vote Results

FINAL VOTES CAST BY THE LEGISLATURE ON SB 1227 (PROPOSITION 46) -- Assembly:Ayes 54 Noes 21 -- Senate: Ayes 27 Noes 11 --

Popular Vote Results

Y:4064648; A:57.6; N:3000154; B:42.4; Abst:673979; C:8.7

Election Type

General Election

Proposition Type

Bond Act

For Author

PETE MAJOR, Executive Director, Habitat For Humanity, Orange County; BARBARA INATSUGU, President, League of Women Voters of California; DR. KATHIE MATHIS, Executive Director, Association to Aid Victims of Domestic Violence

Against Author

SENATOR RAY HAYNES, Chair, State Senate Constitutional Amendments Committee ; ASSEMBLYMAN ANTHONY PESCETTI, Vice-Chair, Assembly Utilities and Commerce Committee; JON COUPAL, President, Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association --

Rebuttal Author

MARILEE MONAGAN, Past Board Member, Women Escaping a Violent Environment (WEAVE); LEW UHLER, President, National Tax Limitation Committee

Rebuttal Against Author

TOM PORTER, State Director, AARP; PETE MAJOR, Executive Director, Habitat For Humanity, Orange County; DAN TERRY, President, California Professional Firefighters