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Legislative Term Limits. Local Voter Petitions. Initiative Constitutional Amendment. • Allows registered voters in legislative districts to submit petition signatures to permit their incumbent legislator to run for re-election and to serve for a maximum of four years beyond the presently allowed two four-year terms for State Senators and three two-year terms for members of the Assembly, if a majority of voters approves. • Option can be exercised only once per legislator. • Legislator can run under option only in district where legislator currently serves. • Petitions must be filed before the end of legislator’s final term. • Provides for signature verification. Summary of Legislative Analyst’s Estimate of Net State and Local Government Fiscal Impact: • Counties would incur unknown costs to verify petition signatures, potentially up to several hundreds of thousands of dollars every other year on a statewide basis. • The state would incur little or no costs to track the eligibility of re-election candidates.

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Y: 2049348; A: 42.3; N: 2790153; B: 57.7

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Initiative Constitutional Amendment.

For Author

DAN TERRY, President California Professional Firefighters; HANK LACAYO, President Congress of California Seniors; KAY McVAY, President California Nurses Association --

Against Author

RICHARD RIORDAN, Former Mayor of Los Angeles- ; LEWIS K. UHLER, President National Tax Limitation Committee; EDNA GONZALEZ, President "Stop the Politicians" --

Rebuttal Author

EDWARD J. "TED" COSTA, CEO California Committee To Limit Terms; ANITA ANDERSON, V.P. US Term Limits; MANUEL S. KLAUSNER --

Rebuttal Against Author

ROBERT P. BLANKENSHIP, President California Police Chiefs Association; MARY BERGAN, President California Federation of Teachers; BARBARA B. INATSUGU, President League of Women Voters of California --