Proposition Summary

ELECTION CAMPAIGNS. CONTRIBUTIONS AND SPENDING LIMITS. PUBLIC FINANCING. DISCLOSURES. INITIATIVE STATUTE. • Expands campaign contribution disclosure requirements, establishes contribution limits from single sources of $5,000 for statewide candidates, $3,000 for other candidates, $25,000 for political parties, and $50,000 total per election. Bans corporate contributions. Limits fund-raising to period 12 months before primary election and ninety days after election. • Provides public financing of campaign media advertisements and voter information packets for qualifying candidates and ballot measure committees adopting spending limits ranging from $300,000 for Assembly primary race to $10,000,000 for Governor’s race. • Requires ballot pamphlet to list top contributors on ballot measures. Summary of Legislative Analyst’s Estimate of Net State and Local Government Fiscal Impact: • State costs of more than $55 million annually, potentially offset to an unknown extent. • Local government costs of potentially several million dollars annually.

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Y: 2415846; A: 34.7; N: 4541235; B: 65.3

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Initiative statute

For Author

JAMES K. KNOX, Executive Director, California Common Cause; RON UNZ, Chairman, Voters Rights 2000--Yes on 25; TONY MILLER, Former Acting Secretary of State

Against Author

Daniel Lowenstein, Former Chair, California Fair Political Practices Commission; Peter J. Kanelos, President, Responsible Voters for Lower Taxes; Lois Wellington, President, Congress of California Seniors

Rebuttal Author

LARRY McCARTHY, President, California Taxpayers' Association; WAYNE JOHNSON, President, California Teachers Association; ALLAN ZAREMBERG -- President, California Chamber of Commerce

Rebuttal Against Author

MARCH FONG EU, Former California Secretary of State; THOMAS K. HOUSTON, Former Chair, California Fair Political Practices Commission; DONALD KENNEDY, Former President, Stanford University