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HEALTH CARE. CONSUMER PROTECTION. INITIATIVE STATUTE. Prohibits health care businesses from: discouraging health care professionals from informing patients or advocating for treatment; offering incentives for withholding care; refusing services recommended by licensed caregiver without examination by business's own professional. Requires health care businesses to: make tax returns and other financial information public; disclose certain financial information to consumers including administrative costs; establish criteria for authorizing or denying payment for care; provide for minimum safe and adequate staffing of health care facilities. Authorizes public/private enforcement actions. Provides penalties for repeated violations. Defines ''health insurer." Summary of Legislative Analyst's Estimate of Net State and Local Government Fiscal Impact: Increased state and local government costs for existing health care programs and benefits, probably in the range of tens of millions to hundreds of millions of dollars annually, depending on several factors.

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Y: 3886699; A: 42.0; N: 5358331; B: 58.0

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General Election

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For Author

Mary Tucker, State Legislative Committee American Association of Retired Persons; Lois Salisbury, Executive Director, Children Now; Laura Remson Mitchell, Issues Coordinator, National Multiple Sclerosis Society, California Chapters

Against Author

Sister Carol Padilla, R.N., Daughter of Charity; Richard Gordinier, M.D., Arcadia; Kirk West, President, California Chamber of Commerce

Rebuttal Author

Gordon Jones, Legislative Director, The Seniors Coalition; Mary Dee Hacker, R.N., Childrens Hospital, Los Angeles; Kirk West, President, California Chamber of Commerce

Rebuttal Against Author

Robyn Wagner Holtz, President, Orange County Chapter, THE [sic] Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation; W. E. (Gene) Giberson, President, Alzheimers Association, California Council; Jonathon Shestack, Vice President, Cure Autism Now