Proposition Summary

YOUTHFUL AND ADULT OFFENDER LOCAL FACILITIES BOND ACT OF 1996. This act provides for a bond issue of seven hundred million dollars ($700,000,000) to provide funds for construction, renovation, remodeling, and replacement of local juvenile and adult correctional facilities. Appropriates money from state General Fund to pay off bonds. Summary of Legislative Analyst's Estimate of Net State and Local Government Fiscal Impact: General Fund costs of about $1.25 billion to pay off both the principal ($700 million) and interest($550 million) on the bonds. The average payment for principal and interest would be about $50 million per year. Counties would incur unknown increased costs, potentially millions of dollars annually, to operate additional facilities constructed with these bond funds.

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Legislative Vote Results

Final Votes Cast by the Legislature on AB 3116 (Proposition 205) Assembly - Ayes, 61; Noes, 0 -- Senate - Ayes, 27; Noes, 6

Popular Vote Results

Y: 3834745; A: 40.6; N: 5606214; B: 59.4

Election Type

General Election

Proposition Type

Bond Act

For Author

Jim Brulte, Assemblyman, Rancho Cucamonga; Harriet C. Salarno, Founder, Justice for Murder Victims; Brad Gates, Sheriff, Orange County

Against Author

Gail Lightfoot, Chair, Libertarian Party of California; Douglas F. Webb, Criminal Defense Attorney, Del Mar; Ted Brown, Insurance Adjuster/Investigator, Pasadena

Rebuttal Author

Jon Peterson, Treasurer, Libertarian Party of California; Ronald Payne, National Guard Military Policeman, Madera; Ted Brown, Insurance Adjuster/Investigator, Pasadena

Rebuttal Against Author

Bill Lockyer, Senator, Hayward; Paula Boland, Assemblymember, Granada Hills