Proposition Summary

DRUG ENFORCEMENT AND PREVENTION. TAXES. PRISON TERMS. INITIATIVE STATUTE. • Establishes Safe Streets Fund in State Treasury. • Appropriates funds in account for Anti-Drug' Education (42%); Anti-Drug Law Enforcement·(40%); Prisons and Jails (10%); Drug Treatment (8%). • Increases state sales and use taxes 1/2 cent for four years starting July 1, 1991; increased funds transferred to Safe Streets Fund. • Limits state administrative expenses to 1%. • Prohibits early release of persons convicted twice of: murder; manslaughter; rape or sexual assault; mayhem; sale, possession for sale, drugs to minors on schoolgrounds or playgrounds; using minors to sell or transport drugs. Summary of Legislative Analyst's Estimate of Net State and Local Government Fiscal Impact: • The Safe Streets Fund will receive a total of $7.5 billion in sales tax revenue for distribution during four-year period rate increase is in effect. • Interest earnings received by the General Fund for the four-year period will be $80 million, with education programs receiving up to $33 million. • Minor General Fund costs beginning in 1997-98 increasing to more than $30 million annually, by 2012-13 as a result of increased prison population due to elimination of sentence credits for specified offenders; potential one-time costs of more than $140 million for construction of new prison facilities. • Increased law enforcement funding could result in additional criminal arrests and convictions, increasing state and local costs, which may be reduced by the increased funding of drug education and prevention programs.

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Y: 2281937; A: 37.87; N: 4877808; B: 68.13

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General Election

Proposition Type

Initiative statute

For Author

Daryl Gates, Police Chief, City of Los Angeles; Bill Honig, Superintendent of Public Instruction; Leo McCarthy, Lieutenant Governor

Against Author

Bill Leonard, State Senator, 25th District; Richard Gann, President, Paul Gann's Citizens Committee

Rebuttal Author

Marian Bergeson, State Senator, 37th District

Rebuttal Against Author

Chief Don Burnett, President, California Police Chiefs Association; Dr. Joan E. Hodgman, Director of Newborn Care, Los Angeles County (USC) Medical Center; Leo McCarthy, Lieutenant Governor