Proposition Summary

DRUG ENFORCEMENT, PREVENTION, TREATMENT, PRISONS. BONDS. INITIATIVE CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT AND STATUTE. • Statutory changes: commencing 1991, appropriates up to $1.9 billion over next eight years to state, county, city governments for drug enforcement, treatment, and gang related purposes. • Authorizes issuance of $740,000,000 of general obligation bonds for drug abuse, confinement, and treatment facilities. • Amends state Constitution to provide that specified provisions relating to rights of criminal defendants do not abridge right to privacy as it affects reproductive choice. Summary of Legislative Analyst's Estimate of Net State and Local Government Fiscal Impact: • No additional revenues result from this measure. • Total General Fund costs of $1.2 billion for transfers to the Anti-Drug Superfund between 1990-91 through 1993-94. • From 1994-95 through 1997-98 it is not clear whether any funds would be transferred from the General Fund to the Superfund. • If all bonds proposed by this measure are sold at an interest rate of 7.5 percent, cost would be approximately $1.3 billion to pay off principal ($740 million) and interest ($585 million), with average annual payment being approximately $55 million. • Additional annual costs of tens of millions of dollars for state and local governments could arise for operation of new correctional facilities. • Additional costs resulting from increased criminal arrests and convictions could be offset by increased funding for drug education and prevention.

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Y: 1982372; A: 27.63; N: 5192742; B: 72.37

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General Election

Proposition Type

Initiative constitutional and statutory

For Author

John Van De Kamp, Attorney General of California; Glen Craig, Sheriff of Sacramento County; Johan Klehs, Chairman, Committee on Revenue and Taxation, California State Assembly

Against Author

Larry McCarthy, President, California Taxpayers' Association

Rebuttal Author

Senator Quentin L. Kopp, State Senator, Independent -- 8th District; Richard Gann, President, Paul Gann's Citizens Committee; Chief Daryl Gates, Chief of Police, City of Los Angeles

Rebuttal Against Author

John Van De Kamp, Attorney General of California; Frank Jordan, San Francisco Police Chief; Susan Kennedy, Executive Director, California Abortion Rights Action League