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Collaborative Research Networks ("CRNs") developed to encourage and facilitate and collaboration between scholars with shared academic interests. CRN33 (East Asia) is fairly new. This article, which is based on a speech given by the author, examines the status of East Asia in socioeconomic literature, explores the growing prevalence of East Asia as a topic in general theory-building in socio-legal studies, and suggests methods for placing East Asia in a more central position for future socio-legal scholarship. The author emphasizes that scholars in the field of East Asian legal studies should work harder to introduce those outside the field to the work being done on East Asia, and that part of this can be accomplished by engaging in theory-building inside the field. Scholars in the East Asia field ought to present works in terms of concepts and theories not bound by regional boundaries so that outside scholars can better recognize the relevance of our works to theirs. Scholars in the field should also seek to present our works to non-area specialists and try to expand their own group.

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Pacific Rim Law & Policy Journal