UC Law SF Journal on Gender and Justice


Rupneet Sidhu


At this very moment, child laborers are working in unsuitable and hazardous conditions in both developed and developing nations. The adults, who are the main medium for giving voice to the concerns of the child laborers at the international and national levels, have failed. However, there are some promising international instruments whose full and sincere implementation can aid nations to eliminate at least the worst forms of child labor. Concurrently improving and enforcing national laws will help as well. Moreover, the non-governmental organizations should be recognized for being instrumental in keeping the child labor issues as a priority of the various nations' agendas. There is no one quick fix to the problem, but that gives all the more reason to act now and move towards a solution. Overall, this Note emphasizes the nations' need for action to make the child laborers' rights concrete: (1) through ratification and implementation of international instruments, and (2) by remedying the legal loopholes in the national laws.