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"Through the efforts of the Board of Directors, of which the then Chief Justice Hon. Frank M. Angellotti was chairman, and due to his interest as an alumnus of the college and his cooperation as chairman of the San Francisco State Building Commission, space was set aside for the college in the new State Building then being constructed in the Civic Center and to that building we went in 1923. There we were given the east end of first floor and it was there we opened the first semester in August of that year ....

"The present quarters have some advantages, but the writer believes that it would be much more to the advantage of the college if it could either have its own building or an undisturbed use of

a building better fitted to its needs and more adapted to concentrated study and to growth. Such a building would encourage among the students and instructors a spirit of unity, loyalty and cooperation which it is more difficult to maintain under the restricted and mixed conditions under which we now operate." (Hon. Robert W. Harrison, "The Odyssey of Hastings" in Hastings College of the Law Golden Jubilee Book, 1878-1928 (San Francisco: Recorder Publishing Co., 1928), 25.)

Extent (Temporal)

1923-1932, 1933-1938

Street Address

350 McAllister Street


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