UC Law Journal of Race and Economic Justice


Alex Binsfeld


Transgender rights have only come to the forefront of public consciousness and US jurisprudence in the past couple of decades. During this time, the transgender rights movement has made large strides and was rapidly working toward the enshrinement of federal non-discrimination protections for the transgender community. However, recent political changes in the US have led to a federal effort to undo the decades of progress that transgender activists have made in advocating for the recognition of their rights.1 As a result of this changing political climate, the strategies used by transgender rights advocates must change if the movement is going to be effective during this new era. In section I of this paper outlines this further while section II outlines past success in litigation. Section III focuses on the shifting climate. Section IV highlights the role of different literature in conceptualizing strategies for Transgender rights. Finally, section V details the move away from the Courts.

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