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Sixty-six years after the founding of the Hastings Law Journal, much has changed. The times of physically turning a page are all but gone. Now we prefer the swipe of a finger or the click of a mouse. It is a challenge for long-standing institutions to keep up with the times. Inertia is powerful—it is far easier to watch things change than change with the times. Nevertheless, this year, Hastings Law Journal met the challenge head on. In addition to overhauling our website, we launched SCOCABlog, a blog dedicated to covering the Supreme Court of California. Launching a blog, I have learned, is no small feat, and I am grateful for the assistance of a number of people, including David Carrillo, Executive Director of the California Constitution Center, Michael Charlebois, Executive Technology Editor of Volume 66, and our sponsors Kerr & Wagstaffe LLP and Horvitz & Levy LLP. Although we have a ways to go, I am confident that future generations of Journal members are up to this challenge. . . .

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