UC Law SF International Law Review


Setsuo Miyazawa


The topic of the 2016 symposium was “Globalization of Japanese Lawyers: Achievements, Challenges, and Expectations of American Law Schools.” The symposium was held on November 18, 2016. This symposium commemorated the signing of the cooperation and the exchange agreement between UC Hastings and Niben. The 2016 symposium was organized to explore the following inquiries: how Japanese lawyers have been coping with a globalizing legal market; how much and in what way have Japanese lawyers become globalized; achievements of Japanese lawyers; challenges of Japanese lawyers; and finally what they expect from American law schools in their effort of globalization. We were very fortunate to have four exemplary members of Niben as main speakers to tackle these questions. The keynote speaker, Akira Kawamura, is a pioneer in cross-border legal practice in Japan and a former President of the International Bar Association (IBA). Additionally, other speakers discussed the globalization of business lawyering and globalization of HICLR TABLE OF CONTENTS 41-2.DOC 6/4/20183:03PM public interest lawyering. The fourth speaker examined the role of national and local bar associations in facilitating globalization of Japanese lawyers. Furthermore, each speaker was requested to discuss his expectations of American law schools in helping globalization of Japanese lawyers. Finally, speakers were invited from the Japan Society of Northern California and UC Hastings to contribute their perspective.