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CRIMINAL LAW. PROHIBITION ON SLAUGHTER OF HORSES AND SALE OF HORSEMEAT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION. INITIATIVE STATUTE. Prohibits any person from possessing, transferring, receiving or holding any horse, pony, burro or mule with intent to kill it or have it killed, where the person knows or should know that any part of the animal will be used for human consumption. Provides that a violation constitutes a felony offense. Also adds a provision making the sale of horsemeat for human consumption a misdemeanor offense, with subsequent violations punished as felonies. Summary of Legislative Analyst's Estimate of Net State and Local Government Fiscal Impact: The measure could result in some increased law enforcement and incarceration costs at both the state and local level. These costs probably would be minor, if any.

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Y: 4670524; A: 59.4; N: 3194570; B: 40.6

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General Election

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Initiative Statute

For Author

GINI RICHARDSON, Legislative Chair, California State Horsemen's Association; MICHAEL D. BRADBURY, Ventura County District Attorney; WILLIAM J. HEMBY, Legislative Chair, California Organization of Police and Sheriffs (COPS)

Against Author

TED BROWN, Past Chair, Libertarian Party of California; THOMAS TRYON, Calaveras County Supervisor; JOSEPH FARINA, Attorney

Rebuttal Author

TED BROWN, Past Chair, Libertarian Party of California; THOMAS TRYON, Rancher; JEANNE BOWERS-LEPORE, DVM, Horse Doctor

Rebuttal Against Author

ROBERT REDFORD, Actor, The Horse Whisperer; JOHN VAN DE KAMP, President, Thoroughbred Owners of California; JILL HENNEBERG, U.S. Equestrian Olympic Silver Medalist