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VOTER APPROVAL FOR LOCAL GOVERNMENT TAXES. LIMITATIONS ON FEES, ASSESSMENTS, AND CHARGES. INITIATIVE CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT. Limits authority of local governments to impose taxes and property-related assessments, fees, and charges. Requires majority of voters approve increases in general taxes and reiterates that two-thirds must approve special tax. Assessments, fees, and charges must be submitted to property owners for approval or rejection, after notice and public hearing. Assessments are limited to the special benefit conferred. Fees and charges are limited to the cost of providing the service and may not be imposed for general governmental services available to the public. Summary of Legislative Analyst's Estimate of Net State and Local Government Fiscal Impact: Short-term local government revenue losses of more than $100 million annually. Long-term local government revenue losses of potentially hundreds of millions of dollars annually. Local government revenue losses generally would result in comparable reductions in spending for local public services.

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Y: 5202429; A: 56.6; N: 3996702; B: 43.4

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General Election

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For Author

Joel Fox, President, Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association; Jim Conran, President, Consumers First; Richard Gann, President, Paul Gann's Citizens Committee

Against Author

Fran Packard, President, League of Women Voters of California; Chief Ron Lowenberg, President, California Police Chiefs' Association; Chief Ron Lowenberg, President, California Fire Chiefs' Association

Rebuttal Author

Howard Owens, Congress of California Seniors; Lois Tinson, President, California Teachers Association; Ron Snider, President, California Association of Highway Patrolmen

Rebuttal Against Author

Carol Ross Evans, Vice-President, California Taxpayers Association; Felicia Elkinson, Past President, Council of Sacramento Senior Organizations; Lee Phelps, Founder, Alliance of California Taxpayers and Involved Voters (ACTIV)