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Extends statutory preconditions, currently applicable to new operation of any nuclear powerplant, to existing Diablo Canyon plant. Before further electricity production at any plant, requires California Energy Commission to find federal government has approved technology for permanent disposal of high-level nuclear waste. For nuclear powerplants requiring reprocessing of fuel rods, requires Commission to find federal government has approved technology for nuclear fuel rod reprocessing plants. Both findings are subject to Legislature's rejection. Further requires Commission to find on case-by-case basis facilities will be available with adequate capacity to reprocess or store powerplant's fuel rods. Summary of estimate by Legislative Analyst and Director of Finance of fiscal impact on state and local government: Potential impacts on state and local finances in the form of decreased revenues and increased costs due to possible electricity price increases and state liabilities. The magnitude of these impacts are uncertain, but could be significant, depending in part on the need for system upgrades for replacement power and whether the state is liable for investment losses. Potential avoidance of major future state and local government costs and lost revenues in the rare event of a major nuclear plant incident.


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